Change your world. Avalon

Outdoor advertising campaign

autumn 2021

Idea and art direction

Beans Agency

What creates our world?

Have you ever thought of it? It often seems to us that those are only the specific things we pay special attention to. But actually, everything, literally everything in our surrounding affects us, shapes us and leaves its mark.

These include the mentality, the architecture of the city we live in, the values ​​we profess, the people we interact with, the ones we follow on Instagram, the ones we run into in the elevator, the porch we come out of, the things we see every morning and even the music we listen to.

We choose the environment that shapes our world

This is what the outdoor advertising campaign for the investment and development company Avalon is all about. Home becomes an integral part of our lives. And the home doesn’t start with the door of our flat, but with everything and everyone inside of it. 

My home and I are one. 

It’s important to feel whether we’re in harmony with our home and whether this is where we long to be.

It’s important to change your world if it isn’t so.


Move somewhere else. Because in a new home, everything is new.

We placed reminders of the importance of the environment where you spend most of your time all over the city and visually showed the indivisibility of a personality and their home.

Change your world