True Burger Bar Lviv


Two digital campaigns

Spring 2021





The first advertising campaign “The truth is that a true-burger is bliss”

You know that feeling when you’ve been thinking about him for the whole day, imagining your meeting when everything’s immediately perfect. You’re running this scenario over and over again in your mind dreaming of the moment when you become even closer.

And finally it happens: you’re looking at him, he’s looking at you. You seductively lick your lips and then you start biting, chewing… enjoying it.

Yep, it’s a bliss in the form of a patty with sauces between two buns 🤤

Burgers are a pure guilty pleasure. Such was the conclusion that we arrived at as we puzzled over the advertising campaign for True Burger Bar Lviv.

True-burgers are bliss. This is another conclusion we came to when someone from our focus-group accidentally dropped this word. The theory was proved right when we tasted the true-burger.

While eating, we were imagining ourselves somewhere in the clouds with a gospel choir singing to us

Cause that’s bliss, you know.  So we shot a video with our “Daniel Radcliffe” (not really, but very similar) experiencing all these feelings.

We also came up with songs about five top trueburgers…well, not just songs, but the fifteen-second odes to pleasure, which we packed into the pre-rolls.


Easter was coming...

Which meant every bakery, restaurant, cafe, supermarket, store, Mrs Smith should be baking paska, Ukrainian traditional Easter bread, actively targeting the audience and attacking users’ feed with all kinds of colourful decoration, chocolate filling, plump dough and glittery cream.

“And what about us? We want our paska too”, so we thought Trueburger should also сut in this incessant stream of paskas.

“Paska wouldn’t be paska if it weren’t for its white dressing and colorful decoration”, my granny would say, but actually it was Illia who did. So we made it! Restaurant staff supported our venture: we melted mozzarella, painted sesame, and voila, the first Lviv true-paska was ready.

A result? You could have any true-burger designed as your true-paska and have quite a celebration even before Easter.


And what we did after that

In the second advertising campaign for True Burger Bar Lviv, we continued revealing the truths. And this time it was like that: 

The truth is that a true-burger is a true American burger”.

 Since the brand professes maximum truthfulness, the videos must reflect it.

Thus, we thought we could do with just a few slight (subtle) hints of America. 

So, in the main video, we only put a banjo player with a banjo, the flag, an eagle, a landscape of the canyon and a burger and added some music with the American motives, created by the musician who was the main character  (second only to the burgers, of course) of our commercials.

Therefore, we found a real banjo player. And, just for the record, there’s no other one in Lviv.

To make our hint less covert we added a narrator with a diasporic “Voice of America” kind of accent. And here’s an interesting point: our narrator turned out to be a relative of the man who is actually a radio host of the Ukrainian “Voice of America”. Yep, we were not joking about the level of truthfulness. 

The main video was complemented with eight pre-rolls about the most popular types of trueburgers.

We decided not to follow the standard way of depicting food in the commercials, when everything falls and pours; the grease drips down; the water splashes on the lettuce leaves. 

We’ve chosen another path, the path right between the products which leads to the ready trueburger. We wrote the copy with notes of humour and voiced it with a diasporic accent.



“I don’t care about the bloggers. I don’t follow them.” (even if a close inspection did reveal a couple of those among our subscriptions, we still won’t admit it).

“I don’t quite believe those influencers.”

“What’s giveaway?”

Those are the phrases taken from the daily context of every one of us. And what they suggest is that the real influencers are not those with millions of followers, but those with whom we go out for a coffee, share memes or live under the same roof. In short, those are our friends, acquaintances, relatives, our ex, present or future partners.

We really trust only those whom we know in person. This is how #trueinfluencers for True Burger Bar Lviv came into being.

Together with the restaurant staff we found around 40 people among our acquaintances. With no advertising on their profiles, they had some 2 to 10 k followers, just because these people are interesting, cool, and true, so folks from Lviv follow them.

We sent trueburgers to our influencers and asked them to give honest feedback on them.


Too much sauce? Say it. Not enough sauce? Say it too. Pure bliss? Don't be too shy to mention it. So-so? Of course, it’s not a pleasant thing to hear, but still mention it.

We had confidence in the product, so we ventured to do such an experiment. As a result, we didn’t get any negative feedback.

Meanwhile we appeared on the feed of various people, reaching a wide audience of those who want to find their burger love too.