Сompleted apartments by Avalon


Advertising campaign

August 2020








“Well, anything may happen”, – every one of us has repeated it at least 300 mil times this year. Cuz so is the year 2020: unpredictable and flavoured with a slight shock from the unexpectedness of this world. We have seen everything: quarantine, Kanye West running for president, then not running, then again running, the manhood living without Eurovision, oil price dropping.

We are hardly surprised by anything now. We believe that all kinds of stuff can happen: penguins may start flying across the streets, one can build a house on Mars, and if we saw a UFO tomorrow, we would just say, “Well, hello. What took you so long?” Even completed Avalon apartments can happen. And it’s the latter that we were supposed to tell about in the developer’s new advertising campaign.



July 2020. Avalon introduces a new product to the market – the whole section of completed apartments. No development company offers that, since all completed accommodation on the market is just the remains that no one wanted to buy.

In our case, ready apartments were a deliberate decision in case the market situation is unstable, when people seek guarantees and this kind of housing is preferable. These are the strange times we’re living in, so it’s a good time to tell Lviv about the completed apartments by Avalon.

So, what have we done?


We’ve decided to take the insight about 2020 and the information about the new product and present it in a very untypical manner for the developer – just to have some fun and bring more positivity into this year. This is how our sales manager (in the image of an American car salesman from the 50s), who faces different unpredictable things during the video, has appeared. This is 2020, you know, a real tricky year. Who knows what to expect from it?

The character then moved from the video to the billboards. It’s no coincidence that he found himself there, because he fitted naturally into the context of the election campaign, which was just going on at the time. We made him a spokesman for the developer for a month. And people loved him.

And pre-rolls, of course, to make people remember us for a long time