Avalon Yard


Advertising campaign

August 2020





For life as it is.

What is home to us? That’s the question we asked ourselves when we set about creating an advertising campaign for the new Avalon Yard housing complex. Well…it’s about sleeping, eating, doing some crazy stuff, studying, arguing, being happy, loving, getting distracted by everything, working, singing, dancing, cooking, chilling in a bubble bath, cuz you’ve had a long and hard day (just like Chandler) and doing all kinds of stuff we’ll be too embarrassed to tell anybody later. Geez, home is pretty much our whole life. And it differs so much from day to day and from person to person.

Imagine you’ve nicely put everything in order; the atmosphere is perfect. Now you’re putting your favourite cake into the oven. And then, your cat suddenly decides to play with the strings sticking out of your apron, skillfully scratching your bottom with its claws. Just 5 seconds – and the cake is everywhere – on the floor, on the tiles, on the cupboard door, on your head…Ta-dah! It’s life. It happens. 

And that’s okay, honestly. A surprise, as they say. And the situation when Dad is left alone with his daughter is also full of surprises.


How does one braid that hair? Is it a shirt or pants? How do I make her laugh? Should I get a puppy for her?

This is what our short video is about. We decided to show the whole story of the two, because home is the place where we are what we are – with all our habits and quirks. At home, we’re not afraid to seem weirdos, nor are we embarrassed – we’re all family here.

Home is life, so unexpected and interesting, so strange and sometimes incomprehensible. We are not always able to rationally explain what’s going on here and that’s the point. It’s all about life as it is.

And here's how our pre-rolls about the perfectly imperfect life situations at home looked like.