July, 2019





“Well, we’re here now to create” – we thought ironically when we had found out that the customer is a company which also supplies concrete for construction. We imagined a swamp, evil tortured men with hard hats covered with cement. And we really shaped it!

When we started to create a brand, we realized that in the project a hero of concrete would be Tonny, a builder, a man of his word, a cool guy who drinks beer in the evening after work, chats with his colleagues in Viber, and he can just throw anyone who sucks into the concrete.


Tony knows that men on the site are not like chicks on the sugaring treatment.

Deep in his heart, Tonny is very proud to work on building construction, and with a clear conscience, he can move with his family to any constructed facility, because he and his dudes have done everything in the power.

But you know what? Tonny is not aware that he is a real hero.

Basically, the builders don’t really understand their importance. They simply carry out their work scheme unwaveringly without expecting any recognition. Because the residents thank only the project manager at the opening, and God forbid, they have no clue who was sweating and turning gray at the construction.

To be a builder is considered not cool anymore.


Neither farther wants his son to become a builder, nor a son dreams to be a builder as his dad.

We wish to change this.

We are ready to be friends with these tough guys. We won’t make them into comic book heroes and describe them with bizarre qualities, but we want to teach you how to like them as they are

– a bit rough men who use bad language and smoke at work breaks, but who create a foundation and support because they are Atlas’not builders holding everything together.


Tonny, everything will be in concrete!

When we worked on identity we realized that there is no point in naming the company as something like Lvivgalbetonbudstroy because our men are not “Lvivgalbetonbudstroy” or every “builder and partners”. They are Vasyl, Petro or a bit more glamorous but still simply –Tonny.

Since the builders are not unicorns we picked base and suitable colors for them – black, white and orange. The orange uniform needs to be eye-catching because it’s better for the crane man to spot you on the construction then vice versa.